Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Burger King sued by Franchise owners

Four of Burger Kings franchise owners who operate a total of 57 stores in South Florida have filed a lawsuit against the Franchise over extended hours that the corporation has demanded they keep open later on certain nights according to this article. "The plaintiffs allege the longer hours cost disproportionately more and threaten the safety of their employees, citing several instances where Burger King employees were assaulted during early or late hours."

Friday, July 18, 2008

UPZS Franchise Presents Franchising Opportunity For Latino Families

According to this article, Unique Pizza and Subs Corporation (UPZS) "has announced that it plans to assist the first 30 Latino families in raising the necessary capital to open their own successful Unique Pizza and Subs establishments. Their UPZS franchise will range from full sit down restaurant locations to the new Unique Pizza and Subs mobile pizza kitchens. Any race is invited to participate but our initial plan is to market to the Latino community."

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Why Use a Franchise Attorney?

Sometimes clients contact us hoping to save money after having started a Federal Disclosure Document (FDD, formerly referred to as the UFOC) using an online kit and want an attorney to provide that "final review." Others use their regular business attorney to look over a Franchise Agreement they may be reviewing for a possible purchase and think that this may be sufficient for a satisfactory review of any pitfalls that may exist for the unsuspecting franchisee. Franchising is a unique creature that share some of the aspects of many business deals, but a Franchise lawyer has experience that combines familiarity with trademarks, branding, federal disclosure requirements that can allow insight that online kits or unsuspecting business lawyers may miss.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Downtown Phoenix Arizona Businesses Need Buses

Several Arizona business owners feel that the key to thriving business in downtown Phoenix depends on nightime transit hours for Phoenix buses. According to this article, "If Phoenix wants its downtown nightlife to thrive, buses need to stay on the street long after sundown, several business owners say.Bill Smith, who owns Bar Smith and other local restaurants, is a member of an alliance of bar, restaurant, hotel and nightclub owners working on a couple of ideas to improve nighttime transit downtown." Discount parking, shuttles and operational hours for the light rail may all have an impact on Arizona businesses in this location.