Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Franchisor-Stratus Building Solutions Master Jason Potts Represents Small Business Owners During Presidential Visit

Master Franchisor Stratus Building Solutions Jason Potts was asked to represent successful local small business owners after The White House contacted the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce looking for ambitious entrepreneurs to appear with the President during his town hall meeting in Raleigh. According to this article, Dennis Jarrett, CEO of Stratus Building Solutions, said, “Our company’s franchisors are people of all races, colors and creeds, comprising a melting pot of entrepreneurial spirit that makes our company very proud." Stratus Building Solutions is the fastest-growing international brand in the building services and maintenance franchise industry.

Tatoo Removal Franchise

As the popularity of tatoos increases, Executives with Dr Tattoff, Inc "hope the company will be the first to build a franchise and marketing brand around the procedure and plan one day to take the company public. " According to this article, "The market is huge. Fourteen percent of Americans sport a tattoo, rising to a third among Americans ages 25 to 29, according to a survey last year by the Harris Poll. Sixteen percent of those regret them, leaving nearly 7 million potential laser removal customers."

Monday, August 10, 2009

Subway- the largest U.S. Kosher Restaurant Franchise

Subway, the second largest fast-food franchise in the world, is the largest kosher restaurant franchise in the US. Though there are only 11 kosher stores of the 22,000 non-kosher Subways, they offer "a creative solution for Jewish community centers that want to offer kosher food but don’t want to take the financial risk themselves." According to this article, the country’s first kosher Subway in May 2006 differed from other Subway franchises in that: "Ham and bacon were removed from the menu, the “cheese” is made of soy, and the Seafood Sensation sandwich is filled with imitation crab. Two microwaves and toaster ovens ensure that fish and meat are kept separate, a consideration for more observant Jews. There is a full-time mashgiach, or kosher supervisor, and the restaurant is closed on Shabbat."

Sunday, August 9, 2009

50 Jobs in 50 States

This is an inspiring story for those who are seeking work. Daniel Seddiqui had trouble finding a rewarding job as a young college graduate. In September 2008, he started his unique journey of one-week jobs in every state. According to this article, this week, "for his 45th job, he’s working as a scout for the Brockton Rox baseball team. After his final stop in California, where he'll help host the television show "Dirty Jobs," he plans to write a book and hit the cross-country lecture circuit." He's done meat packing in Kansas, a rodeo announcer in South Dakota and an auto mechanic in Detroit.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Selects 'Franchisee of The Year' Award

Franchise owners Mike and Debbie Jones of Brandenburg, Kentucky were selected by Jackson Hewitt Tax Service from among nearly 800 franchisees operating approximately 5,610 franchised locations as Franchisee of the Year. Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc. has approximately 6,600 franchised and company-owned offices throughout the United States and provides full service individual federal and state income tax preparation. According to this article, the Jones' franchise operation has "grown their office and storefront locations from one in 1996 to 45 storefronts and 23 retail locations in 13 years, helping them to prepare over 17,000 tax returns this past tax season."

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Contract for Arizona Lottery May Continue Huge Sales

The Arizona Lottery has awarded Pollard Banknote a new five-year contract for instant ticket printing and production services following a procurement competition that took place earlier this year. According to this article, “The Arizona Lottery achieved a record-breaking $472 million in sales in fiscal year 2008 - the highest in the Lottery's 27-year history. As a result, beneficiaries received more than $144.5 million. These dollars fund a wide variety of public projects and programs, including transportation, health care, parks, education, arts, wildlife, and historic preservation in cities and towns across the state.”

Monday, June 15, 2009

Promising Stories for Arizona’s Economy and Good Marketing.

Many Phoenix fans are happy that the Coyotes are not moving to Canada, but staying in Phoenix. Why is this good news especially if the team hasn't enjoyed much success lately? According to this article, “San Jose, Anaheim, Dallas....all have very successful franchises on the ice and are doing well financially. The Coyotes started off on the right foot, had an extremely dedicated fanbase but haven't enjoyed much success lately....
"However, it's good to know that they are staying in Phoenix. As someone who grew up in Texas and came to love and play hockey there, I think it's important to support the game in as many places we can. Hopefully the Coyotes can rebound from this, get some things straightened out inside their organization and become successful once more.”

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Freight Transportation Business Still in Slump in Arizona

Noone wants bad news, but for planning purposes, it’s sometimes good to keep an eye on certain industries that may be economic indicators of whether Arizona is recovering from the recession or still stalling. Because much of what we purchase in Arizona has to be delivered here, good news in freight transportation could promise an upward trend. Unfortunately, the freight business was in a recession before the recession hit the rest of the economy, according to this article, “Overall, the freight transportation business remains in a slump because consumers aren't buying, companies aren't ordering and factories aren't manufacturing as much as they were a year ago, experts say.”

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Selecting Your Franchisor

It is surprising how many franchisees look for the same thing in a franchise system. Much discontent can brew from inconsistency in dealing with different franchisees. If a franchisor tries to maintain consistent treatment of all franchisees, this can promote a sense of fairness among franchisees. Another good motivator especially in tough economic times is the introduction of new company products. New methods or products sends a message to franchisees that the franchisor is still invested in the business.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cultivating a Good Franchisee/ Franchisee Relationship

Maintain the relationship between franchisee & franchisor. One of the ways in which to maintain or cultivate a healthy franchisee/franchisor relationship is to maintain good communication. Many problems between franchisees and franchisors could have been prevented if informal communication had existed before matters became legal problems. One thing a franchisor can do is to make sure that new and existing franchisees know the organizational charts of the franchise so that a franchisee knows who to contact for a specific problem. Some advanced planning of what to do in a particular crisis can also help so that a franchisee does not sit on a problem before coming to the franchisor early.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Maintaining The Franchise Brand

Since the franchise brand is often reflected in how the franchisee operates the franchise, in addition to good people skills, the franchisor should consider how hard the franchisee is willing to work to make the franchise a success. Good training may compensate for certain business inexperience, but the desire to work hard especially during tough economic times can help give a franchisor comfort that the franchise will remain stable or continue to grow. Along the same lines, a goal-oriented franchisee can help the franchise as a whole move forward. Needs and times change and forward-looking franchisees help a franchise stay relevant.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Selecting Your Franchisee

We have posted a lot of information about how franchisees can select a good franchise, but for the overall health of a franchise, the franchisor should give consideration with respect to its selection of franchisees. Some franchisors may stop at whether the franchisee has sufficient funds and interest in the franchise, but many franchises depend on the relationship of the franchisor and franchisee and the underlying communication. So, while assets and business experience may be important for a specific franchise, the social abilities of the franchisee may also be important. Underlying most business is great customer service. Franchisees have to deal with customers, franchisor vendors as well as employees of the franchise. A healthy franchise system depends on a healthy franchise and how the franchisee interacts with the various people that make up the business is important.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Is Now A Good Time to Start a Franchise?

The basics for starting a business remain the same in good and bad times. Despite the current economic climate, over 40% of retail sales are still spent at franchises. There's still money to be made if you do your homework and stick to the sound advice of franchise lawyers and other professionals who can you make sure you are meeting your objectives. You could lose your shirt with a franchise as you could any business if you do not consider basics such as making sure that you are not undercapitalized. Running out of money is a common reason why some franchises do not do well. But the current economic climate is not an automatic reason to not consider a franchise. Owning your own business provides some degree of self-reliance and relief that one is not totally dependent on an employer for a livelihood. There is also a large available labor pool given the number of layoffs. You may have access to talent not previously available. Just because conventional sources of credit might not be available, you can consider self financing , family, friends or investors.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Local Arizona Business Boom From Economic Slump

One industry's loss is another's gain for local phoenix businesses. More and more jets are not leaving the runway since the 9/11 terrorist attacks. According to this article, some of them may stay parked and not fly again. This has resulted in more business for aircraft-storage centers. "Airlines began parking more planes after fuel prices climbed. Then the recession hit and passenger demand fell, propelling more planes into storage even though fuel prices had come down." Arizona's dry weather and other conditions happen to make it good place for storage. So it turns out that those Arizona workers whose jobs are tied to aircraft storage and maintenance can feel a little bit better about job security.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Using Birthday Treats as a Marketing Tool

While some of us may dread turning older, some companies are finding that birthdays are a good way of promoting business especially during today's economic difficulties. According to this article, "More companies are catching on that birthday treats are a great direct-marketing tool. They benefit when you bring someone along, and if you get a warm-and-fuzzy feeling about their brand. The trade-off is minor: perhaps a little more spam in your e-mail account." In Phoenix, you can find ice-cream, popcorn, pet items and spa treats to celebrate your birthday!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Back to Basics- Solution in Downturn Economy?

We are always looking for tips or trends that may help Arizona Franchises in the current economic climate. Perhaps some guidance can be learned from the latest business strategy of Dunkin' Donuts. According to this article, Dunkin' Donuts has not had a major campaign for doughnuts since 1997. They have branched out to so many interesting products, that the company is now 'coming full circle with a new advertising campaign to remind people it also sells doughnuts." By focusing on their core, Francis Allen, brand marketing officer, hopes the new push will boost the company's revenue from doughnuts, helped in part by the recession. The chain's fluffy treats cost about 89 cents - a few cents more in certain markets - and the company figures any price less than $1 will appeal to thrifty consumers.
"Faced with daily disappointments and struggles, the doughnut is one of those affordable treats that can make someone's day," Allen said.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sedona, Arizona Launches Comprehensive Marketing campaign

While some hold back during a poor economy, others recognize that strategic marketing could be a wiser course of action. Many in Arizona appreciate the serenity and natural beauty of Sedona. Jennifer Wesselhoff, president and CEO of the Sedona Chamber of Commerce, would like to extend this appreciation beyond Arizona to the country and around the world so people know what a wonderful and exciting place Sedona is to visit. According to this article, Ms. Wesselhoff has revealed an ambitious plan by the Chamber to market Sedona as a major destination point for those seeking adventure, relaxation, spiritual awakening and natural beauty.“Sedona is about the spirit of adventure,” she said. “We want to get that message out to everyone. We are very excited. We have a really cool marketing program to drive tourism to Sedona.” What is the strategy in a tight economy and tough competition for those who still have the resources to travel? The Chamber wants to get the word out that Sedona provides the "greatest opportunity for spiritual awakening, hiking, buying great art, balloon and aerial adventures, entertainment, hospitality, great dining, luxury accommodations, biking, horseback riding, great golf courses, kid’s activities, meditation and serenity" using eight giant billboards placed strategically across the Phoenix area in March and April.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Franchisor Success in a Tough Economy

Who knew that shrink wrap could cover more than food and be the answer for several franchisees in a poor economic climate. According to this article, new franchisees of Fast Wrap, an upstart Reno company that has franchises in six other states - Nevada, California, Washington, Idaho, Florida and Colorado have been using shrink wrap as a new business venture: "Though shrink wrap has been around for decades and used mostly to cover boats, Fast Wrap co-founder Mike Enos said use of the plastic protectant product is growing beyond marinas to disaster zones, construction sites and backyards. A shrinking economy has created unexpected demand for wrapping some products and heated up interest in acquiring franchises by people looking for jobs or supplemental income, he said. Ed, Charlene and Carrie Lane of Sacramento are hoping to complement their custom homebuilding business.
Ed Lane said business has been slow and his work lately has been remodeling jobs. With Fast Wrap, buildings can be sectioned off, isolating construction areas and minimizing dust and debris."

Friday, March 6, 2009

Tips for Running Your Franchise

Feedback from our last post was so good we are providing another idea for franchisors that may help with the development of their franchise. Conflict resolution is helpful. With solid business experience, a good franchiser leader should be able to identify and manage conflicts before they get out of hand. Though it is important for brand recognition that there be rules that apply evenly to all franchisees, some franchisees may interpret those rules differently. Franchisees also may have different needs. To avoid conflict, it doesn't hurt to consult with a Franchise attorney before things get out of hand. Franchise attorneys are not always on the offensive with court in mind. In fact, many good franchise attorneys know how to nip a potential crisis in the bud with solid negotionation. Some of this can be done behind the scenes to assist the franchisor so that the franchisor remains the "face" contact, but he or she can rely on good counsel to take the appropriate steps for a particular situation.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tips for Running Your Franchise

There are many sources for running a good franchise. New ideas are always welcome in a touch economic climate. Flexibility is a good skill for a franchisor to have. Technology is one area in which flexibility to adapt to changes can prove beneficial. Some posts ago we referred to an Arizona food franchise that was using technology to print out nutritional information for its customers. Recognizing market changes and customer needs is important for a healthy franchise. Of course, diplomacy in selling those changes to franchisees so that they retain a committment to something that may prove healthy for the overall franchise is important too. It also helps with brand identity.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

One Franchisor's Focus in a Tough Market

We are always looking for news about what any business is doing in a financial downturn to stay on top. Realty World N. California and Nevada is one franchisor dedicated to providing a sound business model for its franchisees. This includes a full range of marketing and advertising tools into the corporate intranet including: virtual tours and digital marketing; virtual and paper flyers, brochures, postcards and newsletters; e-mail distribution and tracking; video production and distribution.

According to this article, the franchisor has goals in three key areas:•
- "Ensure that Brokers and Agents have Access to Best Technology: The Realty World extranet is the backbone of the franchise, delivering all the tools required for success. The Imprev platform seamlessly integrates into the company’s intranet.
- A Robust Solution at an Affordable Price: Realty World’s model centers on providing offices with everything needed to run a successful business, for one low franchise fee. Full access to the Imprev solution provides associates with the premium level marketing Realty World requires, at an affordable cost.
- Partner with Proven, Trusted Partners: Realty World’s business model depends on delivering exceptional technology, and it is imperative that the companies they partner with provide uninterrupted service for years to come. Imprev’s reputation for providing high-levels of service availability has been proven over many years, and their commitment to ongoing development is well known."

Monday, February 9, 2009

Franchise Marketing in Tough Times

An Oklahoma franchisee has some marketing ideas and optimism that may be inspiring to our local Arizona franchisees in this economy. According to this article, Ryan Hausher foresees great opportunity in Oklahoma's first full Dippin' Dots store. The franchisee has aquired a number of kiosks from the 22-year-old ice cream franchise. Besides the 906-square-foot Promenade Mall site, he sees this as only a launching pad for offsite sales. This is where he hopes to expand and make money. He explains his marketing plan to expand. "Our goal is to do as many outside sales as possible - fundraisers, catering, corporate events ... anything fun," said Hausher, a franchise industry and corporate American veteran. "I'd like to take the three franchise locations that I have now and develop an attraction in each area where Dippin' Dots is the go-to company when you want to raise money."
Hausher already has deals to sell Dippin' Dots at events with a local High School and Church in Tulsa. "Events are where I'd like the lion's share of the profits to come from," Hausher said. "It's great exposure for the product, it's great exposure for the company, and we're able to give a little back." Such offsite sales also allow him to expand Ryadd's franchise area without adding storefronts.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Researching the Franchise You Would Like to Buy

Deciding to purchase a franchise is a major decision. We have mentioned in other posts the importance of performing good research if you are a prospective franchisee. Research for your new franchise should include visiting franchises to help see if some of the things that made you attracted to the franchise exist in reality. This isn't always so easy to do, but not limiting yourself to the franchises selected by the franchisor for evaluation may help. Try visiting franchises in different locations. That way you have an opportunity to see how they operate in different locations and whether the franchisees have the same experience. That selection should also include franchisees who have been in operation for some time and those who are new.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Small Business Help for Women Arizona Franchisees

The recession may be a good time for Arizona Franchisees to seek local help to give their franchises a boost. Each year across the state, Arizona women entrepreneurs attend the only conference in town that promises "no theory, philosophy or fluff - just an arsenal of ideas and practical ammunition to help Arizona women entrepreneurs battle the most difficult business challenges" according to this article. The conference tries to educate and motivate women who make up one of the fastest growing segments of entrepreneurship in the country - micro-business owners.

This year, the fifth annual Women Entrepreneurs' Small Business Boot Camp "plans once again to kick women into shape with a powerful day full of world-class insights, cutting-edge success strategies, practical tools, world renowned keynote speakers and relevant topics to empower Arizona women entrepreneurs. "

In addition to its laudable purpose, the conference will hold a raffle of donated gifts and give 100% of the proceeds to Gabriel's Angels, whose mission is to deliver healing pet therapy to abused, neglected and at-risk children. The president and founder of Gabriel's Angels' says "The fact that these powerful women leaders are also giving back to the community speaks to the caliber of attendees and organizers. I encourage all women entrepreneurs to attend this amazing event as they will leave with many business ideas they can implement immediately."

Monday, January 26, 2009

Franchising During the Credit Crunch

Banks may be skittish about lending money right now, but this has not deterred those seeking a fresh start in a new business from franchising. One Kalamazoo man serves as a good example of how to turn life experience into a business opportunity even during these tough economic times. Mark Taylor has traveled the world in his work with US Airways and Pfizer Inc., and has now decided to work in education through franchising. According to this article, Mark Taylor and his wife, Sandy, have become owners of the Tutor Doctor franchise that offers one-on-one, in-home tutoring for students from kindergarten through grade 12.

Tutor Doctor is part of a 10-year-old, Toronto-based franchise that operates in Canada, North America and Great Britain. Taylor's job with Pfizer's shuttle service ended last year when the company discontinued the service for its employees. "With Tutor Doctor, Taylor, age 42, and his wife oversee 20 independent educational consultants, who provide consultation with interested students and their families, then schedule tutorial sessions consisting of one-on-one learning in their home"

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Positive Sales for Cleaning Franchise

In the cleaning sector, one franchise is showing that American consumers have not given up on spending altogether in the current state of the economy. According to this article, many customers are still seeking out Molly Maid, a leading residential cleaning service franchise, for their home cleaning. The franchise ended 2008 with a 5 percent increase in sales over the previous year. As if this weren't enough, an additional 17 existing franchise owners decided to expand their territories. Residential cleaning represents a $3 to $4 billion industry.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tips for Running Your Franchise

No doubt there will be many articles recommending the purchase of a Franchise as a good opportunity during bad times. A successful franchise depends on many factors and one is advised to seek the counsel of a franchise attorney and other professionals. There is also work that a prospective franchisee can do on his or her own so that the decision to franchise is more likely to prove sound. Running a franchise can be very rewarding and a solution for those who are no longer employed. The successful franchises we see are ones where the franchisee:
  • Works hands-on in the franchise. Especially at the start of the franchise, there is alot to learn and even if a franchisee plans to delegate certain responsibilities, it pays to know everything first hand.
  • Performs research prior to purchase of the franchise.
  • Forges mentoring business relationships