Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sedona, Arizona Launches Comprehensive Marketing campaign

While some hold back during a poor economy, others recognize that strategic marketing could be a wiser course of action. Many in Arizona appreciate the serenity and natural beauty of Sedona. Jennifer Wesselhoff, president and CEO of the Sedona Chamber of Commerce, would like to extend this appreciation beyond Arizona to the country and around the world so people know what a wonderful and exciting place Sedona is to visit. According to this article, Ms. Wesselhoff has revealed an ambitious plan by the Chamber to market Sedona as a major destination point for those seeking adventure, relaxation, spiritual awakening and natural beauty.“Sedona is about the spirit of adventure,” she said. “We want to get that message out to everyone. We are very excited. We have a really cool marketing program to drive tourism to Sedona.” What is the strategy in a tight economy and tough competition for those who still have the resources to travel? The Chamber wants to get the word out that Sedona provides the "greatest opportunity for spiritual awakening, hiking, buying great art, balloon and aerial adventures, entertainment, hospitality, great dining, luxury accommodations, biking, horseback riding, great golf courses, kid’s activities, meditation and serenity" using eight giant billboards placed strategically across the Phoenix area in March and April.

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