Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Contract for Arizona Lottery May Continue Huge Sales

The Arizona Lottery has awarded Pollard Banknote a new five-year contract for instant ticket printing and production services following a procurement competition that took place earlier this year. According to this article, “The Arizona Lottery achieved a record-breaking $472 million in sales in fiscal year 2008 - the highest in the Lottery's 27-year history. As a result, beneficiaries received more than $144.5 million. These dollars fund a wide variety of public projects and programs, including transportation, health care, parks, education, arts, wildlife, and historic preservation in cities and towns across the state.”

Monday, June 15, 2009

Promising Stories for Arizona’s Economy and Good Marketing.

Many Phoenix fans are happy that the Coyotes are not moving to Canada, but staying in Phoenix. Why is this good news especially if the team hasn't enjoyed much success lately? According to this article, “San Jose, Anaheim, Dallas....all have very successful franchises on the ice and are doing well financially. The Coyotes started off on the right foot, had an extremely dedicated fanbase but haven't enjoyed much success lately....
"However, it's good to know that they are staying in Phoenix. As someone who grew up in Texas and came to love and play hockey there, I think it's important to support the game in as many places we can. Hopefully the Coyotes can rebound from this, get some things straightened out inside their organization and become successful once more.”