Monday, February 9, 2009

Franchise Marketing in Tough Times

An Oklahoma franchisee has some marketing ideas and optimism that may be inspiring to our local Arizona franchisees in this economy. According to this article, Ryan Hausher foresees great opportunity in Oklahoma's first full Dippin' Dots store. The franchisee has aquired a number of kiosks from the 22-year-old ice cream franchise. Besides the 906-square-foot Promenade Mall site, he sees this as only a launching pad for offsite sales. This is where he hopes to expand and make money. He explains his marketing plan to expand. "Our goal is to do as many outside sales as possible - fundraisers, catering, corporate events ... anything fun," said Hausher, a franchise industry and corporate American veteran. "I'd like to take the three franchise locations that I have now and develop an attraction in each area where Dippin' Dots is the go-to company when you want to raise money."
Hausher already has deals to sell Dippin' Dots at events with a local High School and Church in Tulsa. "Events are where I'd like the lion's share of the profits to come from," Hausher said. "It's great exposure for the product, it's great exposure for the company, and we're able to give a little back." Such offsite sales also allow him to expand Ryadd's franchise area without adding storefronts.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Researching the Franchise You Would Like to Buy

Deciding to purchase a franchise is a major decision. We have mentioned in other posts the importance of performing good research if you are a prospective franchisee. Research for your new franchise should include visiting franchises to help see if some of the things that made you attracted to the franchise exist in reality. This isn't always so easy to do, but not limiting yourself to the franchises selected by the franchisor for evaluation may help. Try visiting franchises in different locations. That way you have an opportunity to see how they operate in different locations and whether the franchisees have the same experience. That selection should also include franchisees who have been in operation for some time and those who are new.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Small Business Help for Women Arizona Franchisees

The recession may be a good time for Arizona Franchisees to seek local help to give their franchises a boost. Each year across the state, Arizona women entrepreneurs attend the only conference in town that promises "no theory, philosophy or fluff - just an arsenal of ideas and practical ammunition to help Arizona women entrepreneurs battle the most difficult business challenges" according to this article. The conference tries to educate and motivate women who make up one of the fastest growing segments of entrepreneurship in the country - micro-business owners.

This year, the fifth annual Women Entrepreneurs' Small Business Boot Camp "plans once again to kick women into shape with a powerful day full of world-class insights, cutting-edge success strategies, practical tools, world renowned keynote speakers and relevant topics to empower Arizona women entrepreneurs. "

In addition to its laudable purpose, the conference will hold a raffle of donated gifts and give 100% of the proceeds to Gabriel's Angels, whose mission is to deliver healing pet therapy to abused, neglected and at-risk children. The president and founder of Gabriel's Angels' says "The fact that these powerful women leaders are also giving back to the community speaks to the caliber of attendees and organizers. I encourage all women entrepreneurs to attend this amazing event as they will leave with many business ideas they can implement immediately."