Monday, February 9, 2009

Franchise Marketing in Tough Times

An Oklahoma franchisee has some marketing ideas and optimism that may be inspiring to our local Arizona franchisees in this economy. According to this article, Ryan Hausher foresees great opportunity in Oklahoma's first full Dippin' Dots store. The franchisee has aquired a number of kiosks from the 22-year-old ice cream franchise. Besides the 906-square-foot Promenade Mall site, he sees this as only a launching pad for offsite sales. This is where he hopes to expand and make money. He explains his marketing plan to expand. "Our goal is to do as many outside sales as possible - fundraisers, catering, corporate events ... anything fun," said Hausher, a franchise industry and corporate American veteran. "I'd like to take the three franchise locations that I have now and develop an attraction in each area where Dippin' Dots is the go-to company when you want to raise money."
Hausher already has deals to sell Dippin' Dots at events with a local High School and Church in Tulsa. "Events are where I'd like the lion's share of the profits to come from," Hausher said. "It's great exposure for the product, it's great exposure for the company, and we're able to give a little back." Such offsite sales also allow him to expand Ryadd's franchise area without adding storefronts.