Monday, August 10, 2009

Subway- the largest U.S. Kosher Restaurant Franchise

Subway, the second largest fast-food franchise in the world, is the largest kosher restaurant franchise in the US. Though there are only 11 kosher stores of the 22,000 non-kosher Subways, they offer "a creative solution for Jewish community centers that want to offer kosher food but don’t want to take the financial risk themselves." According to this article, the country’s first kosher Subway in May 2006 differed from other Subway franchises in that: "Ham and bacon were removed from the menu, the “cheese” is made of soy, and the Seafood Sensation sandwich is filled with imitation crab. Two microwaves and toaster ovens ensure that fish and meat are kept separate, a consideration for more observant Jews. There is a full-time mashgiach, or kosher supervisor, and the restaurant is closed on Shabbat."

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