Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Clothing Franchisee Describes Highs and Lows of Being a Franchisee

Megan Albers is the owner of Girl Boutique, an upscale clothing store that specializes in designer labels in Overland Park and believes her network of family and friends have helped make her store a success. According to this article, being a part of a franchise in which the owner helped her get in touch with needed vendors was also an asset. The franchisor "had established relationships with many of them, and they were all willing to help me in some form or another. It would have been hard getting some of the vendors I wanted because of pre-existing boutiques around me and simply not knowing how to even approach these vendors.” She also discusses the limitations of having a franchise and how she makes her individual mark. “Since we are required to have the same walls, floor, etc., it is somewhat hard to present that flair you want. The way that I put my own personality into the store was making my own custom desk, and adding furniture pieces. … I wanted the shop to have a feel of a little rustic boutique that was funky and fresh.”

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