Saturday, October 11, 2008

California Franchise Expands Seeking New Franchisees

We are always interested in these times in expanding franchises that are hopeful about the economy and expanding to create new opportunities for aspiring business owners. Of course, it's also a way of trying to track if there are certain trends in various industries that signal future growth possibilities. According to this article, the owner of a national bookkeeping franchise that originated in California "now has more than 150 locations. Based out of the Washington metropolitan area, it has expanded into surrounding states." The franchise is actively looking for interested franchisees. Greg Jones, chief executive officer of Bookkeeping Express, states that his business model "is based on the need among small businesses for a national organization that provides bookkeeping services.... Often, small business owners choose between a higher-priced CPA firm or an independent bookkeeper who may not have the entire skill set that can help grow the business."