Sunday, March 23, 2008

Arizona Sweet Business Targets Non-Food Retailers

Jim Schweikert and his Chandler-based company Liberty Distribution Co. LLC has established a nice little niche market targeting businesses that don't sell food. He has managed to expand to a 90 person company and according to numbers the company provided has charted average annual compound revenue growth of 26 percent over the last four years. According to this article, his business model works because he "distributes to stores where customers go to buy DVD players, ply wood, air conditioning filters and cat litter, not breath mints, beef jerky or Sour Patch candies. But the placement of these products at the checkout has helped even non-food retailers to bolster their sales. " By using proprietary software to track sales and replenish their customers' inventory as they run low, Schweikert has been able to turn a profit.

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