Friday, March 28, 2008

Provision Adds New Requirement to Arizona's Employer Sanctions Law.

HB2745 provides clarification to Arizona's new Employer Sanctions Law and also adds a new provision that would prohibit state and local agencies from issuing business licenses and permits to individuals who cannot prove they are in this country legally. Rep. Russell Pearce, R-Mesa says that such licences would include an Arizona driver's licence and "everything from a state sales tax license and state incorporation to the permitsissued to independent food vendors." According to this article, the legislation "adds provisions designed to provide new protections from prosecution for companies who follow special procedures to check the legal status of new and existing workers. HB2745, which will go to the Senate after a final roll-call vote, also clarifies who is an employee whose identity and legality must be verified, versus an independent contractor. It also adds new provisions to the statute about companies that pay their workers in cash." Pearce explains that the legislation "simply ensures that those not authorized to work in this country will not "compete against the honest business."

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