Monday, March 17, 2008

Franchising Entrepreneur Finds a Way to Make Millions in a Bad Economy

The Dublin Franchise Sliderobes sells made-to-fit home improvement furnishings. Its owner Mick McAleese claims that he used the "serious" mistakes that his company made which included poor location choices and inadequate management to turn the business into a multi million business in the middle of Dublin's recession in 1983. According to this article, the company underwent a process of intense assessment and "saw franchising as a low-risk road to expansion.” McAleese explains the company's appeal to potential franchisees. “Our big sell when attracting franchisees was, ‘look, we’ve got this tried-and-tested business formula and we’ve made all the mistakes for you so you don’t have to. We’ve found the best way of doing things’”. When looking for the right franchisee, McAleese says the company looks for "franchisees with solid management experience." He believes that their experience best helps them cope with the challenges of running a business.

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