Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Arizona Small Business Association to Spotlight and Support Successful Second-stage Companies

ASBA (the Arizona Small Business Association) CEO Joan Koerber-Walker announced today that ASBA and Comerica Bank have joined forces to shine a spotlight on Arizona-based,
second-stage companies that are generating new jobs and sustaining business growth, according to this article. "To qualify, companies must be privately-owned "second stage" companies. Second-stage companies employ between 10 - 100 employees with $1M to $100M in revenues,
while creating jobs and growing sales through innovative products, services
and practices." The effort means more than recognition. According to Meredith Russell, president of Comerica Bank in Arizona, "This new agreement represents a great opportunity for us to not only recognize but also provide resources for entrepreneurs and growing
companies in Arizona, one of the fastest-growing economies in the U.S.."

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