Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Open Air Centers -New Arizona Business Trend

New Arizona malls are hoping that a new misting system will help shoppers beat the heat as humidity rises and temperatures reach 110 degrees. According to this article, some Arizona businesses are hoping that the Phoenix outdoor lifestyle centers will boost shopping: "Much like some outdoor malls near Detroit and Cleveland have equipped themselves with heated sidewalks to draw shoppers during the winter, Valley outdoor centers have prepared to face scorching summers with shade screens, gazebos, strategically placed trees and fountains that allow shoppers." Some feel this will make indoor malls with their heavy use of air conditioning, a thing of the past. "Phoenix developer Jim Pederson, whose company, the Pederson Group, co-developed the Promenade at Casa Grande, said he believes lifestyle centers are popular because most shoppers enjoy being outdoors. "Retail has gone full circle and is getting back to open-air shopping," he said. "There is a certain environment you just can't duplicate with an indoor mall."

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