Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Mentor May Help You Grow a Better Franchise

We don't often think of it in this context, but finding a mentor may be an excellent way of improving your franchise in a tough market. According to this article, " Successful mentorship can be in any number of forms: online or in-person, in both formal and informal settings, on a temporary or long-term basis, and between individuals or in groups. What is essential, experts say, is direction, dedication, and openness." We may be used to thinking of mentorship as a strategy for the very young. Attorney Maria Speth who is 43 went for an interview four years ago at Jaburg Wilk in Phoenix and has had a beneficial mentor relationship with the firm's founder and managing partner, Gary Jaburg for years. "It has also helped boost her efficiency: She estimates she spends 90% of her time working directly for clients, making more money for the firm." The article recommends that : "To be sure your time as a mentee is fruitful, experts recommend setting specific goals at the outset and revisiting them along the way, as well as looking for a mentor who has traveled the career path you seek and has the skills you need, instead of seeking out a mentor whom you like for personal reasons. " Franchisees may want to turn to retirees or " business leaders seeking to improve their managerial skills" as possible mentors.

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