Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Phoenix Entrepreneur Considers Franchising to Expand Business in Car Crazy Phoenix

Gary Shapiro is the founder and owner of Auto Vault – a secure storage facility for cars and motorcycles. According to this article, : "Auto Vault has become very successful very quickly. "We opened in the fall of 2004 with zero customers," he said. "And now we are looking for more space because we are looking after 400 cars." He started out in the neckwear business before pursuing his passion. "I've always been a car guy, I collected cars, I always drove nice cars," he said. "Even my neckwear showroom was decorated with about 1,000 model cars." The idea for Auto Vault struck him when he was offering a customer a great deal on a Bentley. "He said to me: 'Oh, the money's no problem,' " Shapiro recalled. " 'But where would I put the damn thing?'"In summer when many of the exotic cars are being enjoyed, Shapiro can often make room for vacationers who don't want to leave their cars in the driveway while away.
As his space rapidly fills up as Auto Vault continues to grow, Shapiro is looking to expand. "He's even spoken to people about franchises in the U.S., including south Florida and Phoenix." "Phoenix is a car-crazy town," he said. "And there they have to protect their cars from the summer, not the winter."

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