Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ongoing Training & Support Help Build Successful Franchises

One of the benefits of starting a franchise rather than a start-up business from scratch is that it allows the potential franchisee to start with a recognized brand name and also obtain the type of training that has proven effective over time for the chosen business. Any seasoned and successful business owner will admit to having learned from mistakes early in the business and a franchisee often has the benefit of not having to go through so much trial and error. Franchisors who don't provide good training and support to their franchisees can see their franchises wane over time and also create unnecessary ill will among existing franchisees. Good training and ongoing support benefits the franchise as a whole and individual franchises. It can also provide franchisees with peace of mind to make an investment in an established business even if they have not had much business experience. This is especially true for young entrepreneurs. Good training programs should be ongoing and provide details about the business products and services, information on accounting, services and inventory and tips for handling lease and other negotiations to make sure that local and state laws affecting the industry are followed and the proper licensing secured among other factors.

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