Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers find Franchising Balance Between Work And Family

Liz Norwood is one of many mothers who have found a place at home and in franchising. According to this article, "For a long time, women only had two choices - work or raise a family," she says. "Women who decide to have a baby often have intentions of returning to work after a certain amount of time. But there were few options." So Norwood and three other "new moms" started a new company called 10 til 2 back in 2003 in Denver. The company is a staffing and personnel organization. "As you might expect, the 10 til 2 franchise has been extremely popular with moms who are eagerly becoming franchisees and with the many part-time employees the franchise places in jobs. Norwood says the corporate staff is comprised entirely of women, most with children."

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